Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Brain Injuries (TBIs)

traumatic brain injury, or TBI, occurs when a blow or jolt to an individual’s head results in a disruption in the way that the brain normally functions. The most common type of TBI with which most people are familiar is also known as a concussion, which is generally regarded as a mild form of TBI.

When TBIs occur as a result of someone else’s negligence, it is often difficult to recover the economic and non-economic losses associated with their injury. The most effective way for TBI victims to ensure that they receive the maximum compensation available to them under the law is to retain an attorney familiar with litigating traumatic brain injury cases as quickly as possible after an accident occurs.

The sad and tragic truth is that many attorneys who hold themselves out to the public as “personal injury trial lawyers” do not know what to look for regarding traumatic brain injuries, and often represent victims of negligence who have in fact suffered traumatic brain injuries, and their lawyer never knows it. 

Because of what has been going on in professional sports, specifically the National Football League, research into traumatic brain injury has significantly increased in both scope and results in recent years.  Medical journals are being updated routinely with new and alarming findings about traumatic brain injuries and how devastating they can be.  In fact, one recent study has shown that TBI can cause “early aging” of the brain, which then makes the brain susceptible to early onset of dementia, Alzheimer’s and other related issues. 

The point is, you must be careful about who represents you when you have been seriously injured.  Your job is to ask the tough questions.  “Why do you pose risk to the insurance company?” 
“How much experience do you have handling traumatic brain injuries?”  “How many such cases have you taken to trial?”  “What have been the results?”  “How many have you lost?”  These are all questions that must be asked and answered appropriately. 

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