Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle Crashes

For obvious reasons, motorcycle crashes pose incredible potential for serious and permanent injury.  Motorcycle riders do not have the benefit of being inside a vehicle to protect them, motorcycles are obviously harder to see by other vehicles, and are often ignored or taken for granted by other vehicles that they will just “get out of the way.” 

I am a long-time motorcycle rider myself, and have ridden motorcycles of all types and sizes from gritty dirt bikes to long-distance cruisers.  I know of what I speak.

Remember, you only have one chance to obtain a maximum recovery in your case.  Cases can only be resolved in one of two ways:  1) settlement or 2) trial.  Ironically, the only way to maximize the recovery in any case in terms of settlement value is to be ready and pose a significant credible risk at a trial.  Therefore, you simply must be represented by a lawyer that has a trial record that will be well-known, well-respected, and pose a significant risk to an insurance company.  That is why you must call us and become acquainted with our trial record.  You can bet the insurance companies know it.  That is why we get the phenomenal results that we do for our clients in both settlements and jury trials. 

Also, speaking of lawyers, you must be very careful about the size of the law firm you choose to represent you, and whether they are “TV lawyers” or not.  The reason is quite simple.  Very often large firms brag about the accomplishments of the senior members, but that is not who represents you.  Your case gets assigned to a junior associate who has participated in none of those accomplishments.  With us, your case gets tried by me! 

Further, the “TV lawyers” can be even more dangerous.  The reason is simple.  Money.  To advertise on television regularly is incredibly expensive, and puts a great deal of pressure on these types of firms to continually feed that constant great expense.  Therefore, it can be become in the firm’s best interest to settle a case, but not necessarily yours!  In fact, many clients end up having their cases short-sold, and never know it because they have been misled or misinformed by the law firm, which is in desperate need for the fees generated from that case to pay its TV bills.  We do not advertise on television, radio or any media other than social media. 

Therefore, if you have been seriously injured, call me personally on my cell phone at (904) 607-8888 or at the office at (904) 475-9400 right now!  Every day matters!  If you have been seriously injured and are not yet represented, your case can be substantially compromised. Do not wait!