Facial Fractures Caused by Jacksonville Auto Collisions

A fracture is a damaged bone and a facial break[1] refers to any injury that leads to a broken bone or bones of the face. The frequent reason behind fractures is car accidents. In a Jacksonville car crash, injuries in many cases are caused by the tire, dashboard, airbag, windshield, side window, shattered glass or baby car seats. These facial injuries could vary from small scrapes and bruises to a broken nose or mouth, severe burns and fractures, incomplete or whole vision loss, serious laceration and nerve injury, and damaged teeth or significant dental injuries.

Symptoms of Facial Fractures

• Facial Bone Fractures: People who have sustained a bone fracture might encounter pain in the injury site in addition to swelling and bruising. Serious fractures of the middle part of the nasal bone may also fracture the bones on the inside of the nose. The person’s brain might be exposed to the outside environment. At these times, those who have this might have continuous nosebleeds or a clear discharge.

• Fractured Jaw: Symptoms of a fractured jaw may include discomfort, swelling, bruising towards the bottom of the tongue and have difficulty bringing teeth together. There may also be visual difficulties, bruising and the ability to move the bones in the area. Cheek fractures may show such symptoms as a flattened area in the cheek, a change in the feeling of the affected cheek and the presence of blood in the side of the eye.

Orbital Breaks[2]: People who have orbital (eye socket) fractures may have eyes that look sunken in. They might also suffer from double vision and also have a changed sensation around the affected eye. When the temporomandibular joint is dislocated, the person may not be able to close their mouth and may have a jaw that is out of alignment. The joint is located in front of the ear where the temporal bone and the jaw are connected.

Treatment of Duval County Facial Fractures

Any time a facial fracture is suspected, people should seek immediate medical attention, especially if they also experience losses of consciousness, clear nasal discharges, visual disturbances, and other serious symptoms. The treatment required will depend on the extent of the injury and also the sort of fracture. For nose breaks, physicians will first try and stave off any bleeding. They’ll wait to put back the nose to its place until any swelling has subsided. If the bones inside of the nose are broken, the person will need to be admitted to the hospital. Fractured jaws in which a part of the bone protrudes out through the skin will need hospitalization in addition to administered antibiotics. For both shut and open breaks, dental surgery is often required. Fractures towards the midface area will probably need intubation as well as hospitalization to assist breathing. Cheekbone fractures, along with other facial fractures, may need cosmetic surgery in order to correct any disfigurement that results from them. Eye socket fractures may need surgery to repair the fractured socket.

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