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We Will Never Settle Your Case for My Benefit.
Why? Because unlike so many others who call themselves "trial lawyers," we are not afraid to take your case to Court. Look at our trial record! You deserve top dollar for your case, or do you want to just settle for less?
Serious Injuries Only: Since 1992
We are not afraid of a courtroom. We will bring YOUR case to a jury, as we will not compromise on your well being for a settlement for OUR benefit as so many lawyers do, which compromises your future. We secured what is believed to be the largest single verdict in US history of $7,800,000 for any knee case, in which the insurance company only offered $150,000, and many so-called, self–proclaimed, "trial lawyers" would have talked their clients into taking it. Not us.

If we take your case, we accept it under the assumption that it will go to trial. The only way we will recommend a settlement before our Court date is if insurance company offers an amount of money which is fair and wise under the circumstances of your case. So often, they do not. We are in Court almost every week protecting our clients' interests and their future. We care about quality of settlement, not quantity. We will use every legal means of achieving the maximum possible recovery for you.


Which Personal Injury Attorney has achieved outstanding results?
Who has a history of obtaining the highest verdicts and best settlements? Who poses the biggest risk to the insurance companies, and who are THEY afraid of? The answer to all those questions is simple: Erik S. Block Law


Q: What are the most important issues in my personal injury case?
Q: Will my case get settled or go to trial?
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Eric Block

Personal Injury Lawyer

In November, 1999, Mr. Block won what is believed to be the largest jury verdict in the history of the United States for any knee injury case, in Stebbins vs. Mitco Water Laboratories, Inc. There, Mr. Block won a jury verdict of $7,777,800.00. In the case of Thomas vs. S.E.L. Maduro, tried before a jury in 1995, Mr. Block served as co-counsel with noted trial lawyer, S. Perry Penland, and together they won a personal injury jury verdict of just under $14,000,000.00.

Fraz Ahmed

Fraz Ahmed

Personal Injury Lawyer

Fraz Ahmed earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a minor concentration in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh. While at the University of Pittsburgh, Mr. Ahmed was on a scholarship based on his dedication to community service and academic performance.



  • I want to thank Eric Block for his tireless efforts on my case resolution. It is really a lonely road dealing with injury. You and your staff made such a difference in my life. I am grateful that referred me to you. Thank you again for caring and I will always be your fan!


  • I want to thank Eric Block for his professional services and the kindness he has shown me. While I am a little embarrassed at my knowledge of the legal world, my  son’s trial was a very stressful and confusing time for me. Without question, I now feel that I hired the very best Attorney for my son: Eric Block. It is my pleasure to refer you to everyone as the best Attorney in Jacksonville and an awesome person as well! I share this from my heart. Thank you.


  • I would like to thank Eric Block for his compassion and willingness to never give up. It is people like Mr. Block who are able to repair so many of the wrongs which occur in this world. I am forever grateful to him for the strength he gave me in my darkest moments. Mr. Block is a very special person, more than an Attorney. I thank him for his time and patience, as well as his smile at each of our  meetings.  From my home to his.